Thursday, 5 August 2010

I fear the consequences...

So, not sure you are aware that Zara is going on line on the 2nd September...yuppie!!

I fear the consequences, as I am already converted to online shopping..My wardrobe, Net-a-porter, Cocosa, the outnet, Topshop etc.  My history with Zara goes back many many years (actually more than 17 years..but who is counting???).. my first Zara was in Rua Agusta – Lisbon (it was early days for Zara first expanding outside Spain). I spent so many afternoons with my grandmother there. She used to call it the “rag shop” (“loja dos trapos”)! Did I have fun there J! It was the first shop where I found trousers long enough for me or shoes bigger than size 38 J. It was utter bliss and cheap J! And there is also the moment where my grandmother asked for a discount to the manager because the was a “good client” embarrassing!!J

Anyway, fast forward my life..and I’m in London where Zara is popular but is not so overwhelming as in Portugal (where you always have the risk of stepping to the street wearing the same clothes as everyone else). I still go there.. particularly to the one on Kings road. But I think the online version is good competition... the thing is with shopping online is that the last thing of the buying process is getting your clothes delivered to you..its like getting a present ( the shop you go from the high of trying the clothes and imagining how you are going to wear them...and have to pay for them..which most times can be quit depressing...). So www.

Countdown has started. Start saving. Go shop!

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