Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lace it!

One of this season trends is Lace. Its elegant, feminine and to be honest a bit old fashion. I have never had anything with lace in my entire life but now I am actually considering it.
I think it can work when dressed down with a pair of jeans or a lace dress with boots or even a la Burberry – with an aviator jacket!

Cool lace - Carolines Mode
D&G Lace

Feminin touch from Jack & Jill

Marie Claire  France

Marc Jacobs @ net a porter

Marc Jacobs @ net a porter
and THAT lace dress with the aviator jacket is my favourite 

Thursday, 26 August 2010

I love Stella.

I’m obsessed with the cropped trousers with loose jumpers look from Stella McCartney. So today I’m wearing my black cropped trousers from Zara, black snake skin high heels from Sandro and the jumper I bought yesterday in TopShop.

The objective is to look something like these looks by Stella McCartney.

Trousers from Zara and shoes from Sandro
From top Shop - nice and warm for the London weather

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My lunch time visit to topshop

its in my wish list but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in the shop. Love the colour!
Another gold ring - I love it because its flexible
Great colour and fabric. Will look great with skinny jeans!

Maison Martin Maringiela - 20 years exhibition

Girl trip to the Somerset House to see the Maison MM exhibition. It was one of the best fashion exhibitions I have  ever seen. Smart, modern and mysterious. They are a bright star in the fashion world. Recommend it!

Girls and their loyal fashion accessorize – handbags!

Naturally stylish!

the style from Seville!

The boy hair cut makes her look even more feminine.

Bar at the somerset house

even the Dj was cool

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Today I feel blue..

I am in love with the electric blue. Dress, handbag or trousers. I want them in blue!

Simple and elegant in Blue
and those blue trousers rock!

Celine Bag - I want them in each colour. But above all I want it in Blue

Photos from All the Pretty birds and Jack & Jill

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shorts obession

After an entire summer of thinking about it..I decided to buy a pair of jeans shorts from Zara. I know that probably I should be thinner but I could not resist them.

I have to say, that while I was paying for them, I must have got a sign from God that they were not meant for me because my card was declined twice! :) technical issues did not stop me...do you take Amex?

Just bring on a jeans shirt and the set is complete!

Photo from Betty

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

surf girl, it girl

Blake Lively - I do like this girl! She is cool and stylish but never overdone. She is the eternal sunny girl from California. And I desperately want her wardrobe. Here are some of my favourites:
Shall we surf?

Amazing Marchesa dress - and she does have the legs

Just love the barely there make up

Elegant in Havainas plus the boyfriend

My favourite Upper east sidder in DFV

I want this dress! just an amazing colour (its from Haute Hippie)

So cool, so summer

Filming in Paris. She is wearing George Chakra

Out in town - love the silk shorts

Channel babe

I'm love with these blue trousers. What a great colour. Plus the shoes are so Carry Bradshaw

Shopping. Another great pair of trousers (Suno salmon coloured pants) . You do have to be that tall to wear them...

Blak hunters & jeans shorts = cool

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

a new trend I am considering...

just because they look cool and confortable...and I can actually wear them to the office too.
Whish list item for sure. The mocassins are back!

From Russel & Bromley
These are beyond cool but impossible to wear..

Photo via Carolines Mode

the star

I am thinking about getting a star for the rest of my life..

my new Bright star

Monday, 16 August 2010

Double count

How cool is this? I think I will copy this look...and I'm not just talking about the amazing Celine bag..I love that she is wearing 2 different types of watches...(need to find my old swatches!)

Photo from jack & Jil

Friday, 13 August 2010

The colours of a sunset in Formentera

A lovely way to forget how horrible the day is in London today!
the it girls!
Mr. Happy

magical sunset