Friday, 6 August 2010

the colours of friendship

Its not my type of thing to have friendship bracelets...but these are so cool !

I went with J. And the girls to Formentera and we could not resist a moment of girl power watching the sunset and drinking mojitos.

Friends with style!

During the world cup Sara Carbonero started using a new type of friendship bracelets. I actually really like all the colours mixed together. I have tried to buy them but they are sold out. So envious that my friend C. has them in every colour!!

Bracelets were being sold in fun & basics


  1. Gi! I could´t resist to write on your blog! first of all, it is an amazing idea to have all your ideas here... and secondly... what can I say about the friendship bracelets of formentera!!! it just reminds me so many good moments... and sara carbonero´s.... I am so happy to wear them but, I will give you one! Someone like you have to wear them!!! congrat for your blog!!

  2. So cool and a great reminder of the people who love you.

  3. And they even brought for the missing friends who had to stay! Cute bracelets!