Friday, 21 January 2011

"La mode se démode, le style jamais"

Olivia Palermo has style and is beautiful. Even if you don’t like fashion you can see that.

In “The City “she does not come across as the nicest person – but well – its only reality TV, which makes you wonder how much is actually real.
She always gets the accessories right – and that just makes the difference from being fashionable and having style.

I’m in love with her rings and clutch. And that McQueen dress is perfection! The amazing rose ring is from Iranian designer Leila Kashanipour and you can buy it in

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  1. Gi, I'm a fan (obviously!). The stylist for this shoot, Iman Pasha, did an amazing job, and I LOVE the white McQueen dress with the red clutch and bold accessories. And yes, Leila's Olivia Rose ring is to die for! xx