Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 around the globe

Funny enough I started the year planning travelling. This has definitely made me slowdown on my shopping habits..which is quite a challenge, if you consider that London is inundated with sales.. But who needs another cashmere jumper with 80% discount from Ralph Lauren or pair of jeans from GAP at flee market prices, when you can have NEW YORK city in June, MEGEVE in February, PARIS is January, THAILAND in March and RIO in April...all this accompanied by some of the people I love the most: my friends!!

So besides all the fashion, shopping and people watching that I usually write about..this year I plan to write a lot more on my travels and who knows..even the decoration of THAT new house I would love to buy in 2011.

Lets start dreaming!

My Paris..

go back for a run @ brooklyn bridge in NYC

Enjoy the best apres ski in Switzerland

explore new islands

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