Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I heart Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags

As my friend V. rightly pointed out...I admit I use the word shopping way to often.!

But this time is for a good cause! Waiting for me this friday in Heathrow terminal 3 is this beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag. She and I are going to be great friends! I did a lot of research and met so many bags. Some were nice but not practical and others were great but the price was enough to depress me for a month.
The good thing with this handbag is that she is big enough for all the stuff and junk and books and bottles and makeup I carry every single day and to make it even better she has a great neutral colour that goes with about everything. For sure she is the one coming with me in my October trips to Brazil and China!
Just a couple of days away from handbag happiness!

marc by marc jacobs francesca leather tote

Meanwhile I’m selling in ebay the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I bought in New York in May. I love it to death but ended up never using it because I have too many black bags. You can check it out here.

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