Tuesday, 15 March 2011

spoil me!

I felt this was the time to be kind to myself, so this is what my kindness bought me:

1. Still feeling a blue winter
My new blue coat from Asos. I’m loving mixing blue and black. Isn’t it great to break all the rules you grew up with – never mix dark blue and black. Never wear socks with sandals (unless you are German). Never wear white in Winter, etc...

2. The way to carry it
I decided to invest in a new black handbag. One that could carry my weight in style. I toured Selfridges for two days – and fell in love with the new Givenchy shopper handbag. Thank god the Celine tote was sold out..I did manage to save some money!
3. Walking ahead
To walk my new life I decided I needed to add some cool and comfortable shoes. Might have gone overboard but I bought a pair of fabulous “pick me up” gold converse trainers (who knew they would return to my closet after 15 years!!!), a pair of western black boots (from Office) to attack the London cold (and to make me feel cool ) and finally a pair of black suede pumps from LK Bennet (which hopefully will last 3 times more than the Zara ones – as they cost 3 times more!)

1 comment:

  1. Gi, these are all wonderful!!! Love the Givenchy bag! Love the gold Converse shoes! Love that you're treating yourself. Good for you. x